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Divided We Fall

Today Divided We Fall, the strategic close-combat multiplayer game, releases in Early Access on Steam.  Divided We Fall is now available via the Steam Store with a 20% launch discount.

Early Access release
From Soldier, to Commander, to General, plotting the best strategies and bringing them to the battlefield with your teammates. You can do it all as ‘Divided We Fall’! After several years of great support by the community, the game hits a great milestone; Steam. Divided We Fall is a strategic close-combat multiplayer that emphasizes the importance of building a cohesive squad, forming well thought-out plans together with your teammates and executing them on World War 2 battlegrounds.

Divided We Fall is a multiplayer game only, so it’s important to reach an engaged crowd. Valve offers via Steam a great community full of strategic combat PC-players.
Developer Antoine Meurillion explains: ‘We were exhilarated and grateful to hear Divided We Fall was accepted to be released on Steam. We believe the game is a great fit for the Steam community and their opinions have done well for so many games, bringing them to a next level. For this reason we have chosen to release the game in Early Access first.’

Players with Windows, Mac OSX, SteamOS and Linux can get the game with a 20% launch discount in the Steam store until September 30 2016.

About Divided We Fall
Divided we Fall is a close-combat multiplayer game with team-driven strategy at its core set in various immersive battlefields of the Second World War. Command your squad through WW2, form well thought-out battlefield tactics and executive them effectively to ensure your path to victory.

Hone your skills in fast paced 1 vs 1 real-time battles, or join battles with up to 15 soldiers per side (bringing 120 soldiers in total), each will require a great amount of planning, co-operation and teamwork.Become a commander by being the highest ranked player of a team, devise an overall battle plan for your team and assign weapons to your soldiers through an in-game board interface.

To achieve victory as a commander on the battlefield, you must make effective use of terrain to provide cover for your troops, create deadly kill zones and ambush the enemy. Success hinges on the tactics formed during the planning phase, the effective teamwork between each other and the individual execution of the chosen tactics during combat.

Forge strong bonds of brotherhood in this intense multiplayer combat, for Divided we Fall…

Key Features:

  • Intense real-time battles where teamwork is the key to victory
  • Close quarter combat with tactical manoeuvring and ambushes
  • Squad-based action combined with team play that has a clear military chain of command
  • Compete with your clan via ranking systems, leaderboards and competitions
  • Command your fire team successfully and strive to become a general
  • Use the World War II terrain to your advantage; provide cover for your troops and create deadly kill zones and ambushes.