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World Of Tanks Blitz

WoT Blitz Chat is an app for players that like to keep in touch. In the new version, we decided to brighten up mobile tankers’ conversations by adding a dash of fun.

Meet the Blitz stickers!

The app now features two unique sticker packs: one with cartoon tanks, and the other with a tough tanker.


Stickers can be selected from the lower chat panel, and immediately sent to your friends. Don’t waste time with tons of text—create messages with just one tap! In the packs, you’ll find stickers with the most common WoT Blitz players’ emotions.

If there are stickers that can convey the message you’re typing, you’ll see a hint offering a more expressive way of sharing your thoughts.

Bring your messages to life. Use tank stickers and don’t lose touch with your favourite game!

Please note that currently the application is only available to Android users.