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A new branch of German light tanks has mobilized for World of Tanks Blitz in Update 2.6 “Das ist Tank”. Tankers can get to grips with rapid and well-armored vehicles and exploit their capabilities as swift scouts or wreak havoc in the midst of battle with their hit-and-run tactics.

All these new German light tanks possess great mobility, speed, and high damage potential. Sitting at top of this branch is the Spähpanzer Ru 251, which is the first Tier 8 light tank to hit the battlefield in World of Tanks Blitz. Like its brothers, the Spähpanzer Ru 251 can rush to those key points on the map before the enemy, or use its quick aim to punish slower tankers.

New game mechanics have also been introduced in Update 2.6. With the ability to blast through objects, there’s nowhere for a vehicle staying in cover to hide. When combined with dangerous, ricocheting shots—which means shells will continue to move and even penetrate other tanks—the tide of battle can turn quicker than ever.

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