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Today’s Assault Map Makeover presentation is the Factory Assault Map. It has gone through all the changes we presented to you in the Assault Makeover Post and we will now show you some of the changes specificallymade for the Factory Map.

The most important change might also be the most subtle – the rolling terrain was flattened noticeably, which changes the gameplay significantly. While the map is still hilly, it is much less steep and soldiers can now see wider and farther than before. In addition to the terrain cleanup and improvement, the changes of the environment turn this map into a new experience.

Factory B2

Capture Zone B2 (above) and B1 have been moved to more meaningful positions on the map. While other maps have been changed to an extend that it would make sense to say they feel like new maps, the changes on the Factory are subtle, but to a strong effect. The map is simply more fun to play now.

The pictures below give an impression of the structural changes around some of the Capture Zones, starting with A1.

Factory A1

A2 from the front…

Factory A2

and the back.

Factory A2_back

As you can see, the Factory has not changed a lot, but the Capture Zones are enlarged and some cover has been added.

B2 (below) turned into a right battle zone, which is guaranteed to be fun to fight for.

Factory B2

Experiencing the map as soon as the Garman – ‘Map Makeover’ update is released, will show you what animpact these changes can make to the gameplay.

We have gone through a massive makeover of all existing maps, adding spawn protection on all maps, new deploy rules for Assault maps, larger ´Capture Zones, better looking terrain and vegetation. All this will be released in the upcoming ‘Garman’ update.