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Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals has received a new update codenamed ‘Zhukov – Armored Ambush’.

This update expands and improves the light tank gameplay experience on the large battlefields, by introducing the Soviet T-70 and the German Pz. II Ausf. L. “Luchs” light tanks. These both excel as mobile fire support units and allow for new tactical options for the players. Furthermore, a selection of light tanks, including the T-70 and the “Luchs”, can now be upgraded with camouflage.

A well executed ambush hinges on crucial elements such as mobility and reconnaissance. To help achieve this, the Soviet Recon Soldiers now have access to the heavily armed BA-6 armored scout car to match the German and US counterparts.

The Zhukov update, named after one of the most notable generals of World War II – Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, also introduces the Nagant M1985 revolver available for all Soviet soldiers. The M1985 is an extensively used 7-shot revolver that saw service with the Russian Imperial Army and later the Red Army. The M1895 shoots with a high muzzle velocity due to its unusual gas-seal system, making it a powerful close quarters weapon.

The gameplay flow in the newly released Depot map has been tweaked and improved. To prevent spawn suppression, the terrain features have been slightly altered, and the spawn areas have been moved further away from the action at the center of the map. Furthermore, an underground tunnel system has been added to the Depot building to expand the capture zone for a more dynamic gameplay experience.

Additionally, Reto-Moto hosts a Christmas event for all Heroes & Generals players during December, with a series of activities planned throughout the month. Read more about this event here. The full changelog for the ‘Zhukov – Armored Ambush’ update can be found here.