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Wargaming has officially launched Imperial Steel, the latest update to World of Tanks on PlayStation 4. The Japanese line joins the game, adding 15 new tanks, including the legendary Type 3 Chi-Nu-Kai, and fortifies existing German, U.S. and Soviet lines with 16 additional vehicles. Players can use these new tanks to engage the enemy on 4 new maps: Redshire, Pacific Island, Highway and Steppes.

Players can now command 15 new Japanese armored vehicles, renowned for their ability to navigate challenging landscapes with ease. Some of the nation’s most notable light and medium tanks are ready to roll out, like the R.Otsu, Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 98 Ke-Ni, STA-1, Type 61 and the powerful Type 3 Chi-Nu-Kai. Tankers can fully experience Imperial Steel by taking these vehicles for a spin on the stunning Asia-inspired battleground, Pacific Island.

Also hitting the front lines with the new Japanese nation are 16 U.S., German and Soviet tanks, enhancing the PlayStation 4 experience with some of the most celebrated tanks including the German Maus, the Soviet IS-4 and the US T-57. These new vehicles can be tested out on new maps Steppes, Pacific Island, Redshire and Highway, each boasting unique terrain and lots of opportunities for both attack and defense.

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Imperial Arsenal

Japanese tanks are flexible vehicles with potent cannons, excellent gun depression and decent mobility. While most of these tanks initially feature flat surfaces which won’t protect much, progressing higher up the tech tree will give you gems like the Type 61and STB-1, both placing their emphasis on firepower and agility!

American Autoloaders Galore

By now, you’ve probably seen the T1E6-PS or other low-tier autoloaders rip apart tanks in seconds. Now the opposite end of the spectrum is coming! This U.S. branch features fast-firing autoloaders from the quick and nimble T71 to the offensive juggernaut that is the T57 Heavy, which place a massive emphasis on firepower above all else!

Once fully armed, these autoloaders will deal tremendous amounts of damage, but like all high-powered cannons, there’s a lengthy reload period, so heads up!


T57 Heavy

Soviet Reinforced Steel

As crazy as this might seem, this incoming branch has even better-armored tanks than the Soviet heavy tanks currently available! That’s because this line relies more on old-fashioned raw armor thickness rather than sloped, angled armor. Tanks like the KV-4exemplify this, and there’s no sweeter sound that hearing “clink, clink” as endless enemy rounds ricochet off!

More armor means less mobility, but in a heavy tank, you’re not really thinking about that anyway!



German Prototypes Comes to Life

The popular German line is also gaining a battalion of prototype heavy tanks such as the once-competitor to the iconic Tiger, the “Porsche Tiger.” If you ever wondered what the Leichttraktor would become if it evolved, you’d get the VK 45.02 (B), a powerhouse of a heavy tank which excels at side-scraping.

But without question, the spotlight is on the arrival of the heaviest of heavy tanks, the tank that puts the maus in “maussive” — yeah, that was a stretch. But we’re talking about the tier X Maus, the experimental super-heavy tank!

Battlefield Quartet

All these tanks need more room to play. So along with this arsenal, we’ve got four new maps coming which will put your battlefield expertise to the test!


Victory on Highway requires tactful play in close quarters such as when you’re in town, and a sense of your surroundings when in the open. Watch the minimap closely while advancing – you never know from where the enemy thrust might come!


Set in the Russian Steppes, this map is perfect for classic tank battles with plenty of room to maneuver, long sights for firefights, and sporadic cover in case of danger. There’s a road splitting the map in two, but only the very brave should think about continuing down that path.

Watch your flanks, keep an eye on the minimap, and watch the skies for potential enemy artillery bombardment!


The undulating topography of Redshire may seem endless, but that may not be a bad thing! Tanks with decent gun depression, like the incoming Japanese line, can make use of these hills to peek-a-boo unsuspecting enemies!


Originally designed ground-up by our talented development team, Pacific Island is a contested battlefield set in the middle of the Pacific Campaign. Take a look at this beautiful yet deadly new battlefield!

Imperial Steel arrives early next week, so start earning and saving your Silver and XP for these new tanks!

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