Normally I’m not a big fan of card games. Particularly because I’m bad at them. Sometimes I tend to play Poker and Black Jack every now and then but I always get such a terrible hand of cards that just leaves me plain clueless as to what to do next. This all changed when I started playing World of Tanks Generals. That is, it combines two things that I really not only like but most importantly I’m good at. Strategy and tactical based games. So that all that said you must have noticed that this isn’t just a regular card game. So what is it that makes this game so different from the rest on this big market.

World of Tanks Generals is a browser based card game inspired by its big brother World of Tanks. It’s cross platform playable on everything that has a browser so your PC, phone, tablet and whatever device that you usually use to access the web. It’s a very light game so you can play it on the road without getting a heart attack by your 4G phone bill. Just beware that you might play it more often than you realise.

To be precise, it’s a strategic card game that includes a slight element of luck and chess. The playing field is divided into three by five squares with two HQ’s placed in the corners (upper right and bottom left); one is yours and the other one you need to annihilate. Very simple!

You use your deck of cards to beat the enemy. Your cards are made up out of tanks, HQ boost cards, ability cards, troll cards and much more. With some, you can bring cards back to the game, annihilate other tanks, protect yourself from SPG’s… There is a broad scale variety in those cards that also sometimes depend on with which nation you are playing.

There are at this moment 3 nations available. I wish I could simply explain the strength and weaknesses per nation but in this game, it’s not that simple. Every time you level up you get a sub choice of HQ’s that even within the same nation has different pro’s and con’s. With these combinations and the ability to choose the cards in your deck, there is always a combo for every type of player.

Now here comes the part I really like, it is not only down to luck which cards you get every round but also how you play them. Resources are needed to play the cards and that makes it very strategic in the way you play. Do I boost my HQ or do I play a tank card that creates extra resources. Even if your cards suck you still can win by thinking ahead. This works great as I love strategic games.

Like all Wargaming games it’s easy to play but hard to master and that works for me. The great thing also it’s free and who doesn’t like that! Yes you can buy premium cards but like the premium tanks in World of Tanks it won’t help you win, that relies on your own abilities.
As far as I can tell there is but one thing wrong with the game….every time you win (or loose) there is this huge urge to play just one more game and then another, leaving my usually short breaks to take ages.

Key features

Easy to start playing Simple but beautiful lay-out Challenging gameplay
Cross platform Free to play Too addictive

World of Tanks: Generals – 9/10