When someone mentions the words history and war most people think of a large tank or a man with a tiny mustache. Of course you, as a gaming/history lover, knows there is more to a sword and a shield. Our world is in one big epic battle with some small breaks in between. From the first time men walked the land, there was war. There was always a girl to conquer or a ring to protect. That makes the topic war history pretty big.

War isn’t pretty but a good sense of humor can be a life savior. Just think of it, there is a match within a big amphitheater where you can fight other men and animals. And not because they hate your land or said: “I dislike your mother”. No, just because they are good at it. Ryse: son of Rome is a game just like that, their co-op is a survival slasher in a great arena in the middle of the Roman Empire. With a sword, you cut your way through arms and heads. Of course, we all know the gladiators were real and not a myth. It was a real profession. Just think of it, you are watching a soccer game and the entire team starts to slash their way to victory. And I have to admit, it will make the new Fifa game a lot more interesting. Now before you pre-order, don’t. Because we have a moral now. We don’t kill humans for fun. That’s not nice. Bad, bad gamer! They will start a petition, walk a straight line and shout: Think about the kids! Killing humans these days is a good example of a no-no.

In the good old days instead of a ball, they kicked against a head and sliced some more. The fun thing is, Rome loved it. There was a real life version of a let’s play of Ryse. That makes this game so mad. It’s not just a game, this is a piece of our history.
Some of our grandparents were chanting for their favorite serial killer. We don’t need alternative dimensions for greasy stories like this, we just have to look back in time.