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War Thunder

Pilots and Tankers!

Are you a skilled War Thunder player and want to win real money playing your favorite game? Then get your squadmates together and don’t miss the opportunity to join the Thunder League, War Thunders professional eSport championship. After the more than successful first season of the Pro Division, preparations for the new and extended Season Two are already underway – and it’s not yet too late to join in!

Here’s the skinny on what you need to know:

  • The Thunder League’s Pro Division is supplemented with a Semi Devision for aspiring eSport squadrons
  • Automated Qualifiers for the first Season of the Semi Division are still open until 05.00 GMT on February the 16th
  • The 24 teams with the highest score from the Automated Qualifiers will battle for one of the 12 places in the Semi Division’s first season
  • The best Semi Division squadrons of the first season will join the Pro Division

You can find the Automated Qualifiers open to all Squadrons in the game’s ‘Events & Tournaments’ tab. More info on the Semi Division and its rules here.

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