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The prize fund for the Thunder League has reached the $40.000 milestone, which means that all Dog Tag owners will receive a unique three-coloured aerobatic smoke (the smoke will be added in one of the future updates)!

Now the next milestone is close, a prize pool of $50.000 which guarantees that all “Dog Tag” owners will receive the Panther T-V and the BF109-E7/U2. But don’t forget that unique radio commands are waiting for you at the milestone of $70.000!

Here you can check how the prize fund will be divided!

Bear in mind that 25% of the standard Thunder League “Dog Tag” purchases and 50% of the Golden “Dog Tag” purchases go towards the prize fund of the tournament which means that joining the League Community you all make the achievements real!
The League “Dog Tag” already provides not only unique camos and vehicles, but the owners also receive:

  • A Thunder League decal;
  • New profile avatars (will be added in one of the future updates);
  • Unique titles “Thunder League” and “Stormer”;
  • 100% RP gain booster for the duration of the play-off round (from January 23rd to January 31st);
  • Tickets for Е-100 tournaments with a variety of other fantastic prizes;
  • Exclusive access to air and tank deathmatch tournaments.

We already see that the “Dog Tag” idea appeals to many of our players and we want to add another more unique collectable item for true fans – The League’s Golden “Dog tag”.

The League’s Golden “Dog tag” will additionally give you the following:1. An opportunity to change the team you selected before the semi-final (only once):
You will be able to see how the teams fight for the finals and bet on the favourite thus increasing your chances to get the main prize – a unique RBT-5 rocket tank!*This additional team selection change will be available before the semi-finals matches, from 07:00 GMT 27th of January till 07:00 GMT 29th of January.2. NEW TYPE OF ITEM: “Pirate skull” for tank decoration (will be added in one of the future updates)!

What is a decoration?’, you may ask. An opportunity to customize your tank using different decoration items which will be added in one of the future updates! The “Pirate skull” decoration will be available for all the owners of the Golden “Dog Tag” after an incoming update and will be the only “skull” decoration in the game!

So, besides all the available content of the Thunder League you will  be the first to try out the new customization option and will receive an exclusive item that will not be presented afterwards.

You may purchase the “Golden Dog Tag” only as a part of the “Thunder League Golden Dog Tag” bundle. If you already own a regular “Dog Tag”, its price will be subtracted from the bundle and you can upgrade your standard dog tag to a gold one for the special price.
50% from “Golden Dog Tag” sales will go to prize fund of the first Thunder League.
This offer is only valid for PC, Mac and Linux users .

Dont forget to keep up to date with all of the Thunder League action over at the War Thunder Pro site!