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The Christmas Truce has been called in the WW1 FPS Verdun. Join the snowball fights and football matches, sing along with Christmas Carols and make sure to send your friends a Christmas card from the trenches. Watch the trailer here

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The Christmas Truce has begun in Verdun! From December the 22nd to January the 4th 2016 players will have the opportunity to come together with their friends and enemies on a dedicated winter map. Throw some snowballs, play football for some extra points, write Christmas cards to your beloved ones or sing along with Christmas carols while enjoying this extraordinary scene.

Lorraine, the Christmas Truce map, wraps it all together and gives players the opportunity to win an extra Steam key. When players send their friends and enemies Christmas Cards from out of the trenches, they will automatically participate in a daily give away. Each day three random winners will be picked from the many Christmas Cards sent.

The history of Christmas Truce
World War 1 has a merciless dark side, yet also a surprisingly human side to it. In 1914 French, German and British troops held a remarkable truce during Christmas. During this truce, soldiers from the Entente and Central Power threw snowballs, exchanged Christmas greetings and sang carols together.

Soldiers who wrote Christmas cards from the trenches to their loved ones, had many stories of this extraordinary event, even mentioning that a number of football matches were held between the two sides. This stood in stark contrast with the massive death toll unheard of in the history of that time, marking WW1 as one of the bloodiest wars the world had ever seen.

This extraordinary event must not be forgotten, certainly not today. Live and let live!