The Maillé-Brézé may not be a name familiar to many, but Hollywood has definitely noticed this T 47- class destroyer from the French Navy! Cast to represent two British destroyers: HMS Vivacious and HMS Vanquisher in the recent WWII film dedicated to the heroic maritime rescue operation on the shore of Dunkirk, France. The Maille-Brézé is the first naval museum in France established in 1988 and recognized as a historical monument in 1991 by the French government.

Build in 1955, the Maille-Brézé was made the first French naval museum in 1988. The only other ship from the French Navy transformed into a floating museum was the Colbert cruiser ported in Bordeaux in 2007 and scrapped just last year.

Wargaming was contacted by the museum to celebrate its 30 years of existence and will be present for the celebration. Several gaming stations will be installed in the village allowing the public to place themselves in an admirals shoes and lead their fleet to victory.

2 Days of celebration

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th, the audience will be able to discover the game during epic online battles with the latest French and foreign warships recently added to the game. Specialists of the game will be present to answer all the questions that the public may have on the game.

Wargaming has been supporting the entertainment aspect with educational support with their historically accurate digital collection of military vehicles in their trilogy: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Wargaming rises above the call of duty offering different educational experiences that complement museum’s collections and exhibitions in order to help the institutions’ keep their audience engaged and keep up to date with modern technology in order to educate the public.  World of Warships is proud to support the Maille-Brézé in his 30th year as a floating museum and honours her in the video series  Naval Legends with a piece dedicated to the ship offering a behind the scenes experience of life on the Maille-Brézé and history.

France has always been a country that distinguishes itself by the uniqueness of its technical prowess, particularly notable for its take on shipbuilding. When the French had to rebuild their Naval Arsenal after losing most of its fleet in WWII, the Maillé-Brézé became the next evolution of French Destroyers.

World of Warships launched in 2015  with 80 ships, just 3 years later the game now boasts over 200 ships each one averaging 6 months to digitally recreate whose ultimate goal is to become the largest digital collection warships recreated for a video game. They also air Naval Legends videos that are like mini-documentaries about ships and also put a lot of effort in getting as many original blueprints from museums all over the world that they collaborate with.

The game has had massive successes and has also launched on other platforms as on the popular Steam and has its own mobile version called World of Warships Blitz. The main reason for the big success is the fact that Wargaming launches free updates on a frequent base that contain not only new ships but also maps, modes and other interesting features  like temporary fun modes Bathtub mode (April 2016), Saving Transylvania (Halloween 2016), Saving Transylvania vol. 2 – A Sunray In The Darkness (Halloween 2017), Space battles (April 2018), Plus Operation Dynamo (July 2017), Operation Hermes (spring 2018), Operation cherry Blossom that will be launched in July.