The latest VR project “War Knows No Nation” relives the memories of three World War II tank veterans.

Wargaming is no stranger to sharing its passion for history with the world, and the latest installment is the video project “War Knows No Nation”. Utilizing present technology, Wargaming has resurrected the past with their new 360° VR video. This video project rekindles the memories of three veteran World War II tankers, combining live action panorama footage with CG scenes for the very first time.

These three veterans take viewers from the beginning of the war and, through their narration and VR, give a unique insight into a time that shaped the world. Tom Sator from the USA served in the 4th Armored Division of the United States Army; David Render is one of the last surviving D-Day veterans from the UK; finally, Aleksandr Fen is a retired major-general from Belarus, who served in the 84th separate tank brigade and 31st tank brigade.

“War Knows No Nation” covers seven stunning environments across Belarus, Russia, the USA, and the UK, immersing viewers into the lives of the three veterans to relive what they faced during wartime. The 360° video format, custom rigging and creative film techniques bring locations to life, with authentic uniforms, real tanks, and CG battles.

To experience the video to its fullest, you will need a smartphone and Google Cardboard.

Watch “War Knows No Nation”: