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War Thunder

Moscow Area, winter of 1941. The Germans are on the outskirts of Moscow. The fate of Russia and Europe may be decided on these fields. Tank engines roar and the flash of cannon fire lights up the snow banks. The Russian winter turns hot on the battlefield in the new Volokolamsk map in War Thunder update 1.57!

Volokolamsk was created based on the neighborhood of the Volokolamsk Highway, where General Panfilov’s division withstood Hitler’s attacking troops. The roads from the moderately hilly and open area surrounding a small frozen lake converge around three villages traditional to the area. This is where the main events of the tank battle take place.

To recreate the trenches, we asked the film crew of Panfilov’s 28 for assistance. The creators of this film thoroughly researched the situation related to the position of troops on the battlefield. We tried to recreate the fortifications of the famous 4th company for our map. On the same field where the famous battle took place, our artists have placed burnt out German tank wrecks. A railway embankment with a bombed out train. a part of which has been derailed, is situated behind the Red Army trenches.

A feature of Volokolamsk is the combat in the villages. Tankers will have to break through fences and domestic structures, and sometimes even destroy abandoned houses, to get to the most advantageous positions. The peak of the battle for the central village, is a small hill with a destroyed house on it. From there, you can easily destroy incoming enemies, but it’s important to remember that there isn’t much cover around either.