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Infantry! Infantry everywhere! After showing you the new M16 MGMC, the GAZ-AAA and the SdKfz 7/1, there are also a handful of other tweaks incoming for the infantry! In the coming update namedAdams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) a number of tweaks and adjustments will enhance infantry gameplay.


We have been digging through the stats for a while, listened (and read) a lot of feedback & talked to a number of players, and we have decided on a few tweaks to help improve the feel of the gunplay in the game. Most notably we are adjusting a number of values around the semi-auto rifles (the Gewehr 43, M1 Garand & Tokarev SVT-40) to make them more valuable as weapons for both new players and veterans.


Semi-Auto Rifle adjustments

The main changes to the way semi-auto rifles are used are that progress on the Specialist ribbons now move 25% faster, so when the Adams update hits the servers you will progress faster. We have also lowered the price on the boosters for these rifles. These two changes makes it easier for new players to progress on the weapon and unlock their first weapon upgrades for them. For the more experienced veteran players a few tweaks also helps make the semi-auto rifles an even stronger option for fighting on the medium range. We have decreased the ‘negative’ effects on the SA-rifle upgrades by about 30% and we have added a new upgrade – the “Scout II-s barrel” for SA-rifles that produces more range with a slight hit on stability. This upgrade helps make the SA-rifles a bit better at range and helps reduce the gap between semi-auto and bolt-action rifles.

For all rifles we are modifying the values on some of the rifle ammo upgrades by increasing the range of high-damage rifle ammo Bertie clay, S.m.K.Hart, and Heavy D a bit.

Ribbon Boosters

In addition to the changes to the Semi-Auto rifles we have also tweaked how the ribbon boosters work. So apart from lowering the price of the SA-rifle specialist ribbon booster, we have also lowered price of the entry level tank specialist boosters to help beginning tankers get rolling a bit faster. AND we have overall lowered gold prices on most boosters (except Driver & Chauffeur) by approximately 25% WHILE also raising the boost-% to 75% from 50%.

Submachine Guns

In addition to the above-mentioned changes to the SA-rifles we are also tweaking the SMGs a little. The balancing tweaks consists mainly of slightly reducing their effectiveness at range and ONLY at range. This helps reduce the SMG-sniping that we have received a lot of complaints about and focus the SMGs on their core use as close quarters weapons. This is done by changing the ranges for damage fall-off and by making precision/stability a lot more dependent on rate of fire.


To help ease new players into the game and not let them immediately drown in a rain of grenades, we have removed hand grenades from the default loadout of infantry soldiers and moved them to be the first unlock on the Infantry Assault Ribbon at ribbon rank 3. In addition we have moved first SMG unlock to infantry assault level 4 (from 5) and moved bolt-action rifle unlocks to infantry assault level 6 (from 2). This was done as previously you unlocked bolt-action rifles and THEN SMGs which added unnecessary difficulties for new players where they bought bolt-action rifles before they had the skills to use them. We have also moved some of the captured AT mines and AT grenades 1 rank down in order to spread the unlocks out.

AND in order to make room for new Mobile AA vehicles we have moved the combat badge unlock “Ironfist Bronze” to chauffeur rank 3, and “silver” to chauffeur rank 7, and moved “Logistics Expert Bronze” and Silver to chauffeur rank 6 and 8 respectively.

Oh and when you are aiming your recently updated, tweaked & upgraded semi-automatic rifle or SMG at the enemy? You might notice they are no longer wearing backpacks. We are working on character models and for now we have removed their backpacks/parachutes as this has been requested by a lot of players. The backpacks (and maybe other packs) will return in a future update when we rework the uniform and character customization.