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Get ready to roll out in your favorite tier IV, V and VI vehicles! WarGaming will be keeping an eye on a different class each week and, if you’re one of the top 25 XP earners in a single battle you’ll automatically win one of the Premium prizes detailed below.

To give everyone a better chance, you’re welcome to participate in any competition for each class, but you will only be awarded a prize for one of them—we’ll go by your highest-placing XP amount to ensure you receive the best prize possible!

We’ll also be splitting up the competition by focusing on a different class each week, giving you plenty of time to get in some serious play time and put up your best results.


1st to 3rd Places: flag VIII  IS-6   + 30 Days of Premium

4th to 10th Places: flag V  T-25   + 15 Days of Premium

11th to 25th Places: 3 Garage Slots + 7 Days of Premium



Begins: February 5, 0:01 PT / 3:01 ET
Ends: February 11, 23:59 PT / February 12, 2:59 ET


Begins: February 12, 0:01 PT / 3:01 ET
Ends: February 18, 23:59 PT / February 19, 2:59 ET


Begins: February 19, 0:01 PT / 3:01 ET
Ends: February 25, 23:59 PT / February 26, 2:59 ET


Begins: February 26, 0:01 PT / 3:01 ET
Ends: March 3, 23:59 PT / March 4, 2:59 ET


Begins: March 4, 0:01 PT / 3:01 ET
Ends: March 10, 23:59 PT / March 11, 2:59 ET


  • You must use regular vehicles of tiers IV, V or VI for XP earnings to count. Premium vehicles are not allowed.
  • You’re welcome to use as many different vehicles as you’d like, but they must be of that week’s class.
  • XP scores are not cumulative, only your highest base XP score from a single battle will count.
  • The top 25 XP earners on Xbox and the top 25 XP earners on PS4 in each class will receive prizes.
  • No extra actions are required to participate, results will be drawn from the server so all you need to do is play!
  • Prizes will be credited to winners within two weeks of the end of the competition on March 11.
  • Even if you play multiple classes you can only win one prize, based on your highest placement.
  • In the event of a tie, the score earned in the lower tier vehicle wins.

Separate winners lists for Xbox and PlayStation 4 will be published weekly on the forums.