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Wargaming is proud to announce that World of Tanks Blitz has launched on Mac OS X today, making the game a true cross-platform title. 40 million tankers now have even more friends to find and opponents to challenge so there’s no excuse not to jump into 7-vs-7 quick fire combat.

To make sure that fans always find a battle regardless of platform, mobile gamers will be a part of the iOS/Android/Win10 cross-platform battle, while Mac OS X tankers will join Win10 PC players in the same matchmaking queue. The minimum specs for those wanting to hit the front lines will be Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (corresponding Mac models) or later and 2GB of RAM.

“We’re really excited to have brought World of Tanks Blitz’s unique style of tank combat to the Mac OS X community and share the game with as many fans as possible,” said Andrey Ryabovol, Publishing Product Director. “As our first official release on the platform, it’s a great accomplishment for the team.”

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