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Wargaming today announced “Tank Hunter” is now live for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4. The newest update unleashes a powerhouse of content to the game bringing 23 fierce Tank Destroyers to the fight, further augmenting the PlayStation 4 experience.

Watch out heavy tanks, you’ve roamed free on the battlefield long enough but that’s about to change! The frontlines have been breached and on approach is a brigade of vehicles specially designed to hunt down targets from afar.

We hope you’re ready for Tank Hunters!


Catch the developers showcase these new vehicles on Tuesday, May 10, 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET at

American Arsenal Expands

Originally, the second American tank destroyer (TD) line was the first to receive turreted TDs in World of Tanks, and once unveiled, their versatility was an immediate player favorite.

With icons like the Hellcat and speedy T67, there’s nothing sweeter than outmaneuvering slower opponents while ripping into their sides! This play style changes as you progress towards tier X, with behemoths like the T28 Proto and E4 taking precedent, favoring thick armor and powerful cannons!

Upon request, SiNz took the Hellcat out for a spin:

Mobius Y‘s “Road to” led him to the E4:

British Regulars Bolster

If you thought you knew British TDs, think again. These incoming vehicles are the “ying” to the existing British “yang,” so to speak — they’re essentially exact opposites of the robust, tortoise-looking vehicles you’ve become accustomed to.

That’s because this new branch favors mobility and firepower above all else, making them extremely dangerous in the right hands. Potent cannons and the versatility of a turret make TDs like the Archer and Charioteer all-out feared. And while the existing TD branch could absorb the punishment, you’re better suited at relocating than attempting that same strategy with these new powerhouses.

Dark Art racks up the kills in the backward-driving Archer:

TooVeryLegit gives us a legit in-depth look at the Charioteer:

Wehrmacht Waffles

Hungry much? If you are, you should sample some of our waffles; they’re good for you and free! And soon to be one of the most feared TDs in game! Contrary to the existing TD line, these new destroyers wield powerful, high-velocity guns and decent mobilty at the cost of armor (sensing the trend?).

While the other new turreted TDs coming in this unlock attempt to provide some sort of protection, these German ones… don’t. Vehicles like the Sturer Emil and Waffenträger Pz. IV are essentially just transporters with ginormous guns mounted on them, with the tier X getting an autoloader (yikes)!

These versatile glass cannons are vulnerable to taking high-explosive damage, but that’s all right when you too can dish it out!

IVIICHAEL xx earns “Brothers in Arms” in his Nashorn:

Watch BumpmyStump’s WT. Pz IV snipe its way to a medal:

Red Army Reinforced

Were you expecting turreted tank destroyers with this branch? So were we — oh well, you’ll just have to settle for a group of mobile TDs with brisk aim times and unrelenting rates of fire, even at tier X!

The Soviet Union also experimented with accurate, rapid-firing guns, and those belong to this TD line. Take the SU-101 or Object 263out for a spin, and you’ll see that their guns don’t pack much of a punch per shot, but they make up for that with ridiculous reload speeds.

Missing a shot with the ISU-152’s BL-10 can make grown men cry. Luckily, this new branch is a bit more forgiving.

Mad Friday causes mad damage in his SU-101:

Kellen Martin’s SU-122-44 may have lost the battle, but his Platoon won the war: