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With the recent release of update 9.14, Wargaming is delving under the hood of the improved physics and sound.

Two major improvements have arrived in the latest update of World of Tanks, letting players get that much close to visceral tank warfare. Also, commanders can jump into the seat of 20 HD vehicles, see their world better than ever with an optimized minimap, and roll out on the new Paris-themed map “Ravaged Capital” for Rampage mode.


With improved physics, commanders will now have to head back to driving school to really master their favorite tanks. Players can now send their vehicles skidding, sliding, and careening, pull of skillful handbrake turns to swing around corners and get out of danger. Enemy tanks (or even friendly ones) can even be rolled over.

Another important aspect of improved physics is that all vehicles will act more naturally. The hull inclines and suspension will react to the different terrain tanks drive across. Terrain like grass, roads and much more will affect a vehicle. However, this means that players need to put the pedal to the metal cautiously: tanks can roll if they hit rubble or an obstruction too quickly.

For the fans of smaller, more agile tanks, improved physics are great news because these vehicles can take full advantage of their lighter design. Commanders need to remember that these new handbrake maneuvers are best used on lighter vehicles—it is disabled for artillery and tank destroyers, and not so effective for slower heavy tanks. However, all players will find that their steel beasts do not catch on terrain as much as they used to.


Now a commander can hear every purr, roar and sputter like never before. All this is thanks to the devs’ hard work in introducing Audiokinetic Wwise. This allows audio to be calculated on a different core, meaning there is better performance and less stress on multi-core computers. Sounds are now more informational, realistic, and atmospheric.

Each game event now has its own distinct sound, and each sound effect is made up of between 10 and 30 distinct sources. With this acoustic diversity, every gameplay event is unique. What’s more, new sounds were recorded with the use of authentic vehicles at a real proving ground.

Players can distinguish petrol engines from diesel engines; the critical hit bell makes a return; Sixth Sense has a sound notification. Now commanders will know where a shell was fired, and will even identify the caliber of the weapon and type of shell when it hits a vehicle.


Some of the HD vehicles recently introduced were the IS-6; its armor has been adjusted and players will find more shots bouncing off its turret. The T28 welcomes a roof, which should help fend off SPGs, and every owner of the tank can install ventilation. Also joining the list of HD models are the AMX 50 Foch (155), E-25, Nashorn, and several Japanese tanks.

Ravaged Capital, the new map in Rampage mode, transports players to the war-torn streets of Paris at the height of World War II. As previously mentioned, the minimap should now help people get the most out of battle. A useful mode adds a dynamic spotting range circle and draw distance circle.

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