We want to make sure that the Miniature Models get there own special place on HoWG, as the artists who create the miniature battlefields deserve more attention.

We will display a selection of pieces of art we found also the ones which were suggested to us by the visitors.

Miniature Models Credit Picture: Ad Machina Wargaming

Ad Machina Wargaming
We need to have a place to start with the highlighted Miniature Models and in our search we found Ad Machina Wargaming. We were amazed about the high quality and want to make sure it is highlighted here. This personal blog holds very good information and also very good tutorials, so if you interested in starting your own Miniature Model hobby, pay a visit to the site.

Battle of the Bulge WW2 20mm Miniatures Wargame by SSWG

Do you have a personal blog or one you share with a team, video’s of a great battlefield set-up like above? Do you make your own tutorials or do you want to have a special piece in the spotlight? Contact us and maybe you will be featured on HoWG soon…or even win a price!